How to Clean Lungs after Quitting Smoking? 

Now, you have quit smoking as an Addiction, here is how to Clean Lungs after quitting smoking. This is very important to get rid of these deadly debris to the least details. 

How to Clean Lungs after Quitting Smoking?

Tobacco smoke is composed of more than 4,000 toxic chemicals. These chemicals include tar.

It is a sticky brown substance which causes lungs and throat cancer in smokers.

It also causes unpleasant stains on fingers and teeth. Tars absorbed by the lungs can cause lung cells to die.

The fine hairs lining the upper airways, which protects against infection get destroyed, thereby exposing the airways to infection.

When cilia, the fine hairs lining the upper airways, are destroyed, tar penetrates into the lungs easily to cause severe damage.

This result to coughing and shortness of breathe. In severe cases, it leads to over-inflation of air sacs in the lung and the lung tissue involved in exchange of gases gets destroyed.

The process on how to clean lungs after quitting smoking might take time but if consistent in the points listed below, your body will adapt quickly.

Stay in ventilated environments

As much as you can, avoid dust, smoke and smokers, especially while they smoke. Aside checking your tendency to relapse, staying away from smoke and smokers will also revive your lungs.

Living in an environment with fresh air provides access to fresh air for your brain and lungs.

In addition, stay away from cleansing and cosmetics products containing harmful chemicals.

Examine your diet

For you to answer the question on how to clean lungs after quitting smoking, you need to take a closer look at your diet.

The consistent cough is as a result of the mucus accumulated in the lungs. Therefore, avoid foods that initiate mucus production.

Pineapple is good for consumption. It works as a cleanser for the lungs. Other anti-oxidant-rich foods also cleanse the lungs by neutralizing the excess free radicals in the toxic chemicals from smoke.

Foods such as proteins, spices (especially ginger), fruits, and vegetables help a lot.


Physical exercise helps to release endorphins (the feel good hormones). It generates feelings of pleasure, boasts self-confidence and ultimately curbs your cravings to a reasonable extent.

Good physical fitness is vital for providing oxygen to all your organs, which includes the lungs. Physical exercise could be jogging, walking, swimming, gardening, dancing, biking, playing football, or yoga.

Also, performing breathing exercises improves the function of the lungs. Check with a respiratory therapists to teach you the various breathing techniques and relaxation exercise that works best for you.

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