How to get someone to QUIT Smoking – (EASY STEPS)

Do you need help on how to get someone to Quit smoking without literally hurting them? Here are easy yet effective guide to motivate someone to quit smoking

How to get someone to Quit Smoking

It hurts when people who are precious to our hearts get stuck on smoking especially when you are well familiar with the effect of smoking on the human system.

how to get someone to quit smoking

Several relationships have failed, friendships that were lost, chattered family-bonds, all because a party couldn’t quit smoking.

In dealing with smokers, the first resolution shouldn’t be quitting the friendship or breaking the ties. You may eventually make them worse by making them feel they are of no good.

The first resolution should be how to get someone to quit smoking (Be it a friend or loved one)

If it were easy for smokers to let go smoking, they wouldn’t need friendship or any healthy relationship in the first place. I mean, the essence of friendship is to help each other overcome our hurdles.

Therefore, the first step in helping someone, a friend, a family member, a coworker, quit smoking is by helping them believe in their decision to stop smoking.

Help Them Believe in Themselves

Smokers already have enough doubt in their abilities to stop smoking, maybe because of the relapse they must have experienced in time past.

The least person they need is someone who will doubt their abilities. Don’t judge, nag, mock or run them down. You won’t want to have them turn smoking into an escape.

Keep up their morale with lots of praise and encouragement. It’s essential you reward any slight improvement in their process of quitting as this could boost further belief in their own abilities.

Create an Atmosphere that will check-mate smoking

You won’t want to trigger the person you are meant to help. Therefore, make your environment a smoke free zone. It means no one can smoke in any part of the house.

Also, it means avoiding places that can trigger smoking – This is a vital key on how to get someone to quit smoking.

Feel Their Struggle

Sometimes, it’s essential to be in a smoker’s shoes to feel exactly what they are feeling each time they try to quit smoking.

The withdrawal symptoms may not be easy to bear in the first few weeks. Hence, you will need lots of patience to understand some of the attitudes that would be displayed during those days.

Such height of patience can only be attained by being in their shoes that is, feeling their struggles.

This might also mean allowing their occasional bad mood.

Work Hand-in-Hand

How to get someone to Quit Smoking can also be achieved by working hand-in hand. Always remind them of the health benefit of quitting by appraising their efforts and sharing positive testimonies with them.

Help them get as much support as possible, from professionals, medical doctors and counselors.

Do spend time with them – go to the movie, a social gathering, take a walk – to keep their minds off smoking. You can do chores together as well.

Don’t Give Up

Even if they relapse, don’t castigate them. In fact, don’t lecture them.

Quitting is not an act, it is a process and in this process, there is every tendency you witness relapse. So, be there for them through thick and thin.

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