How to Quit Smoking – Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Many have been asking how to quit smoking? The truth is, there are no easy way out of quitting Smoking – However, these methods gives you a leverage.

How to Quit Smoking

Have you ever heard and believed the saying, “some addiction can’t be stopped.”

In actual fact, anything that can be initiated can be ended, including smoking.

No one is born a smoker. The act of smoking is always initiated, by social integration, peer pressure, stress, poverty, lack of education and so on.

Therefore, the first step on your journey of how to quit smoking is to believe you can.


A possibility mindset is needed for a mental shift. Such mental shift takes smokers away from an attitude of defeat, helplessness and impossibilities.

This can only be achievable first in the mind. Therefore, developing the “I can” mindset is next to none. Listen to ex-smokers, motivational talks, seminars, to boost your “I can” level.

Mindsets are beliefs – beliefs about yourself and your view about your basic qualities. Having an “I can” attitude, despite the series of defeat, prepares the mind to step out and do what is needful, to save your health from decadence.

No one has ever quit smoking by luck. It requires a conscious decision and effort. That begins with “I can” attitude.

Be Aware of the Danger of Smoking

Before you can quit smoking, you need to be aware of the dangers of smoking in the first place.

Sometimes, we embark on dangerous adventure without being informed on the repercussion. Before addiction, most smokers lack education on smoking.

The dangers surrounding is enough reason to take one’s eyes off cigarette packs.

Of course, battling cancer of the lungs is not a good wish. I don’t want to spend years fighting diseases regarding cardiovascular as well.

Being moved one from hospital to another based on heart problem doesn’t sound perfect. I just have to stay away from smoking.

Know your Trigger

When we get feedback on how to quit smoking, we always ask people what triggers them to smoke.

If you have the tendency to smoke when you drink or when at certain places, like the bar or club, I suggest you switch. I mean, switch from non-alcoholic drinks or drink in places where smoking is highly prohibited.

Some other smokers are triggered when friends, co-workers and family smoke around them. The remedy is not far-fetched.

You shouldn’t hide your decision to quit smoking from your social circle. Let them know they won’t be able to smoke when you are in the car, room or wherever.

If they are not ready to help you, you may eventually need to change your social circle. Know your trigger! Know your trigger! Know your trigger and avoid it/them early on.

In fact, write them down and put down ways to avoid them.

Prepare for Tough Days 

Like I once said, on your journey of how to quit smoking, no one has ever quit smoking by luck. It requires conscious decision and efforts. Some days will be tough, especially the first few days.

Sometimes, you will be restless, frustrated, angered depressed and even have tremors, but don’t forget it’s all for the sake of your health and social stability.

Distract yourself. Always remind yourself why you chose to quit. Keep your mind and hands busy by selling yourself out to a new hobby.

Relax a lot and drink lots of water. Seek the help of your doctor or counselor. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

These are simple steps and guide to assist you on the question of how to quit smoking.

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