Tips on how to quit smoking

Quitting smoking does not always happen like a flash. There are best tips on how to quit smoking. Sometimes, it is a gradual process, which means the process might come with challenges. 

How to Quit Smoking

However, there are few tips that will fasten and make the process easier for you to go through.


It’s easy to relapse if your determination to quit is not well stated. When withdrawal symptoms stare at you, your stated reasons to quit smoking would be a support.

Those reasons are your motivation.

Should you relapse, you will definitely come back fighting hard because you’ve got what you are fighting for – motivation. This is a great tip on how to quit smoking.

List and keep your points in view: “Why do I want to quit?”


We all need each other. From my years of experience, addiction is an issue one may never be free from without an advocate.

By advocate, I mean someone who will shoulder the course of quitting with you. This is one vital tip on how to quit smoking.

The shoulder could be that of a partner, friend, relative or a professional, someone who is sincerely interested in your freedom.

These people will channel the physical and emotional supports needed for you to quit smoking.

Someone ones inferred, “The psychologist I visited helped me so much to change the way I think about smoking and that made the process of quitting way easier for me.” Find shoulder(s) to lean on.


Another great tip on how to quit smoking is getting relevant information on the subject matter.

You should be mentally prepared. The slightest appearance of withdrawal symptoms has caused so many to stop trending the path of quitting.

Lack of correct information can weary your effort.

Quitting is a function of decision and preparedness. Therefore, get your mind prepared with relevant information regarding smoking, quitting smoking and the various processes involved.


Engross yourself with tasks that will take your mind away from smoking. This is also one of the ways to replace your triggers.

Explore and set yourself loose, newly found interest can easily silence the urge for smoking. This interest ranges from cooking to poetry, sports, exercising and so on.

This is a tip to quit smoking without maximum withdrawal symptoms.



There are places and people that naturally propel smokers to smoke. It’s essential you avoid certain places and people, so as not to interrupt the process of quitting successfully.

In addition, develop the habit of drinking lots of water, it speeds up nicotine detox. The above are best tips on how to quit smoking.

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